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Classes in the Barn 2016

Claire is a holistic nutritionist and currently supporting our the team at Westham Island Herb Farm. She draws her knowledge from decades in the horticulture industry, years of work experience as a nutritionist and as an educator helping people grow, prepare and consume the healthiest foods!

Kiara has a Diploma in Environmental Studies from Langara College and B.Sc in Global Resource Systems from UBC.  Kiara specializes in IPM for conventional and organic potatoes, seed potatoes, and field vegetables. Aside from her regular employment, Kiara has also been involved in IPM development and monitoring within a permaculture system in Nicaragua.


Learn about medicinal plants for the home garden and medicines from your own backyard. Learn a myriad of amazing herbs for everyday use, or how to grow food all year. Expand your culinary skills, learn to increase flavour & production, and learn how healthy soils are key to success and how to get them!  


Integrated Pest Management from Balcony to Farm

Learn what IPM is all about, and how to use it in whatever food production system you have, big or small.  We will talk about common pests in the garden, control options, and the importance of plant diversity for healthy food production.  Knowing what insects, diseases, and weeds you have can be tricky so we will spend a good chunk of the workshop outside actually identifying what we want to avoid in a garden and what we want to see!  Participants should dress for rain or shine

Instructor: Kiara Jack                         September  18th 9:30 am-12:00 pm                                       $40


Reaping the Harvest.  Food Production & Storage for the home gardener

Learn great strategies for bountiful harvests and how to actively prevent disease and pest problems.  You will learn how to determine optimal harvest times and understand the best methods to harvest and store your bounty for maximum nutrient and flavour retention.   Discover simple ways to extend the season and discover easy ways to begin winter gardening for food production throughout the year. 

Instructor: Claire Smith               October 16th  9:30 am-12:00 pm                                       $40


How your soil can improve your health

Learn how the healthiest soils produce the greatest flavours!  This class will help you understand how soil health impacts your health and how nutritional content of food is affected by soils and growing techniques.  You will be introduced to soil microbes, healthy fertilizing strategies and will understand the basics of building great garden soils for healthy disease-resistant plants and humans. You will also be introduced to composting and compost teas for the garden.   Participants will learn how to test their soil, Bring in a 2-cup soil sample in a one quart mason jar or similar size jar.

Instructor: Claire Smith           October23rd  9:30 am-12:30 pm                                           $40



Please sign up for your class and preferred date in advance via email at:  

farmer@westhamislandherb.ca, in person at the Westham Island Herb Farm, or by phone at 604-312-1023. Payment due upon sign up. 


-----------------Past events----------------------------------


Learn how herbs can work in your garden, attracting pollinators and predatory insects, increasing yields of other plants, improving flavours of other crops, and repelling unwanted pests; all while providing amazing culinary and medicinal benefits. This class includes strategies to work these plants into almost any garden setting and even your kitchen. Participants will make an herbal vinegar to take home.  

July 10th 9:30 am-12:30 pm or July 13th 6-9 pm $40  



Learn great strategies for bountiful harvests and how to actively prevent disease and pest problems. You will learn how to determine proper growing conditions, how to attract pollinators and beneficial insects as well as understand how to monitor for problems. A walk through the gardens will be included.  

July 17th 9:30 am-12:30 pm or July 20th 6-9pm $40  



ShapeThe kitchen gardens of old were full of plants that made up the household Medicare chest. We will walk through a brief history of medicinal plants and learn which herbs can be easily introduced into our gardens, patios, planters, and even our kitchens for everyday safe medicines. You will learn the basics of herbal preparations, understanding how to make tinctures, teas, salves, and poultices. Class participants will make an herbal tea to take home.  

August 7th 9:30 am-12:30 pm or August 9th 6-9pm $40  



Learn the basics of year-round gardening in the lower mainland. Learn how to plan and grow for food production all winter. Learn how to prevent common winter problems and pests. You will also be introduced to sprouting and micro-greens to boost winter harvest and nutrition.  

August 17th 6-9 pm or August 21st 9:30 am-12:30 pm $40 

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